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Environmental Justice
23 March 2012

Friends of the Earth believes the environment is for all of us.

Everyone should have:

  • A right to healthy places to live, work and play
  • A right to a fair share of the world's natural treasures
  • A responsibility to look after the planet for us, our kids and their kids. 

This can only happen in a truly fair society. One that tackles environmental injustice in the UK and around the world.

One where communities get legal support and a political voice to stand up for their homes, health and jobs.

You can help us campaign for environmental justice by signing up to Rights-Online. Thanks.

Why environmental justice matters >

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The latest on our campaigning for Paraguay

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News & Actions

Future Generations Commissioners - radicals in a conservative cloak?

Establishment Future Gen Commission wants radical change

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Government fails communities on fracking

New planning guidance forgets local communities and climate change

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Environmenatl Justice

Environmental Justice booklet

Solutions for a fairer and greener future.

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Rights & Justice Centre

About Friends of the Earth's Rights and Justice Centre

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Guatamalan women

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